File Your Taxes in 4 Easy Steps with Q&S Financial Services.

Step #1- Complete the Q&S Client Profile Sheet.

Be sure to complete all sections, print, and bring to your appointment. You can also download, complete using adobe acrobat, and email to us at

Step #2- Collect your Documents.

Refer to the Q&S Checklist for what you need to bring for your specific tax return. If you have questions, please give us a call. This checklist list all documents required for personal and business tax returns.

Step #3- Upload your Documents.

Click the link below to upload your tax forms; your information will remain private and confidential. Uploading your documents will allow us to begin preparing your taxes immediately and have your return ready for your review upon your arrival to your appointment.

Step #4- Complete the Q&S Direct Deposit Form.

If you are a new customer, we will need a wet ink signature. If you are a returning customer you have the option to complete, sign and submit digitally.

Documents to Determine Eligibility for the Credits and/or HOH Filing Status

Updated Docs Required by IRS for Verification.JPG